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Xlr Headset

The xlr4 cable headset is a great way to increase your audio quality and expand your sound infrastructure. The condenser microphone makes it perfect for use with shure wireless microphones. The headset also has a mini xlr4 output for connecting to your computer.

Xlr Headset Mic

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3 Pin Xlr Headset

This 3 pin xlr headset with xlr 4 pin connector is for use with shure lorenzo headwear. It doubles as a double earhook headwear for sound quality and interference free communication. Additionally, this hat earhook headset comes with a microphone for conversation or music playback. the microphone w 4 pin mini xlr for audio technica body packs is a beige headset with a micro-mini xlr connector that meets the required audio technica specifications. It has four pinholes in the front face for easily connecting the microphone and headphones. the shure wh20xlr dynamic headset microphone with xlr connector is the perfect choice for making calls and recording video or audio. It has a comfortable ear cup and easy to use xlr connector, making it easy to get the best quality from your microphone. this is a black double earhook headset with a 4-pin mini xlr connector. It comes with a shure wireless taper tall work lamp and a ta4f 4-pin mini xlr connector.