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Telex Football Headsets

The ph-200 headset is a terrific set for the coach of the Football team, its high noise level is necessary for the public speaking voice of a coach, and its ear muffing ability makes it first-rate for your head.

Top 10 Telex Football Headsets

The ph-100 headset is a high noise single ear muff coach Football set that will help you hear more than ever before, with its listening power and clearness, this set is enticing for any player involved in a game. The Football headsets are unrivaled for watching your favorite Football game, with their high noise level and single ear muff, you'll still be able to hear your teammates and the game. The ph-200 headset is top-of-the-heap for coach football, it offers high noise levels and is superb for suitors with hearing challenges. These headsets are even more sterling for Football fans who covet to hear the game from anywhere in the room, the ph-200 headset is designed for use with the Football headset. It features a high noise ear muffing system that provides a comfortable experience while playing football.