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Telephone Headsets

Telephone headset with convertible wireless bond. Perfect for on-the-go calls and during outdoor activities, the cs540 features a comfortable, qiumx-like decline pad for yes or no questions, it also includes an have a history of uses option so you can last use it, and easy to use interface with a circles wheel for turning on and off tunes.

Telephone With Headset

If you're looking for a phone that will make your work life easier, or just feel more comfortable while using the internet, then you need to check out the new iphone air. This phone has a headset and phone call with it, so you can stay connected and work on your work project without having to constantly carry around a separate phone.

Headsets For Landline Phones

The jabra evolve 75 on the ear wireless headset is the perfect way to hear your phone without having to leave your bedroom. It features two-year warranty and quick-dismantle design for your satisfaction. the jabra evolve65 uc bluetooth wireless headset is perfect for workers who need sound and communication during work hours. With a back up mic for easy communication, this headset is the perfect solution for workers who need more than just talking to their friends. the jabra evolve 65 wireless headset bluetooth mono is a great choice for those looking for a wireless headset that will let you talk to friends and family. This headset has a comfortable fit and a colorful design, making it easy to wear. The headset has two way communication, making it easy to control and listen to music or talk to friends. the jbas evolve 65 stereo wireless bluetooth headset is a great way to get a pair of wireless telephone headsets that are both hearingsafe and comfortable. The headphones are still lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for busy places or for using the headset while walking or traveling.