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Siberia Headset

This Siberia headset is a sterling addition to your wardrobe! Heirloom materials provide a high quality voice and communication experience, while the 880- gamergate-rated battery ensures straightforward use even in long hours, get your Siberia headset today.

Steelseries Headset Siberia

This steelseries headset is used for the steelseries 840 wireless headset, it grants a high-quality and high-performanceaga of itself. It is a good surrogate for admirers who yearn to operate the steelseries 840 wireless headset in a nature or in a business environment, the steel series Siberia 800 wireless gaming headset is a splendid substitute for suitors wanting for a high-quality gaming headset. This headset is fabricated with a robust and durable design in mind, and is sure to offer years of use and useable time, the Siberia 800 imparts a smart and modern design with regards to design and features, making it the Siberia 800 headset is an outstanding surrogate to enjoy steelseries' action-rpg game, siberia, with a surround sound experience. This headset features a powerful quark-based brainwave headset with 11 khz encoding, which allows the game to run at a smooth, immersive experience, it includes for example, ear cups with built-in mic and the Siberia 800 headset can also be equipped with a q5 b for facile connections to other steelseries games. The steelseries Siberia 840 headset gives a cushion headband and a pad for the earpads, the headband gives a comfortable fit and the pad helps to keep the head comfortable and hot. The headband also gives a mic and speaker.