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Shure Wireless Headset

The Shure p31-h10 headset Wireless microphone system is an exceptional substitute to keep your business online, with this set you get all of the features of the Shure p31-h10 headset, but in a more affordable package. This set also includes a Wireless microphone, so you can talk on the phone without ever having to leave your chair.

Shure Headset Mic

The Shure headset mic is the answer to the question of where to find your headset mic when learning to record with a Shure Wireless system, with this mic, you can easily record your voice and other sounds with no sound quality issues. The Shure pga31-tqg headset condenser microphone w f connector is sensational for use voice and text communication tools like email, phone calls, and social media with ease, this first-rate microphone also includes a built-in microphone pre-amp for adding extra voices or text to your audio signal. This microphone isfeatures:1) super-compact design noise-cancelling3) connections: 1-bt, 1- 1-bt4, 1-4 x8 1-5 1-6 adjustable headband for comfortable fear-free use with voice and text communication tools like email, phone calls, and social media the Shure pga31-tqg headset condenser microphone w f connector is a practical microphone for voice and text communication tools, it is additionally safe to use, with a fear-free use policy that makes it a beneficial alternative for individuals who use voice and text communication tools regularly. This microphone is designed with a speed-accurate technology that ensures your voice is clear and loud, it is further effortless to use, with an easy-to-use controls layout and an adjustable headband for a comfortable experience. The Shure Wireless headset mic is top-of-the-line for sound checks or interviews, it is a comfortable, lightweight headset that offers a top-of-the-line overall experience. The headset renders a soft, Wireless microphone technology that makes it facile to talk to people in noisy environments, lastly, the Wireless feature makes it uncomplicated to take this headset anywhere without having to take off your clothing. The Shure Wireless headset mic system is a new, queued up, surrogate of audio for Shure Wireless headphones, with this system, you can enjoy your audio without having to leave your bedroom. This black double earhook headset mic system is splendid for lovers who desire to be sure they're getting a good audio signal, the system includes an 4-pin mini xlr connector, which allows you to control your audio sending and receiving audio with ease.