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Open Back Headset

The is a new wireless earbuds that provide high-quality sound with an airtight seal, it's outstanding for a day out in the sun or during mesh challenges.

Open Back Headset Ebay

The Open Back headset is a fantastic audio experience for drivers who need to stay connected while driving, the earbuds provide excellent noise cancellation and are unequaled for driving when your heard everything well. The headset gives a wireless bluetooth feature which makes it effortless to connect and connect to your phone, the Open Back headset is designed for truckers. It gives a comfortable fit and basic to connect and communicate with, the headset presents a bluetooth 5. 1 interface and an earphone 3 port, the headphones can also be used with the phone in the with this trucker wireless headset. This Open Back headphones is a best-in-class pair of headphones for outdoor sports, it is a bone-conduction headset and wireless outdoor sports headphones. You can enjoy clear and steady voice communication while these headphones, it is unequaled for those x-treme sports. The Open Back headset is a new bluetooth 5, 1 headset that features a stereo sound system with two sound cups, a left and right imbalance compensation pot, and a noise the Open Back headset is outstanding for listening to music, stereo video, or voice chat.