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Onikuma Headset

Is a top-of-the-line headset for gaming and voice chat, it features a powerful, short-wavelength light pipe and a microphone for basic voice and voice chat. It's a top-of-the-line amount of visual and communication space biz gaming and communication.

Onikuma Professional Gaming Headset

Professional gaming headsets are peerless solution for folks hunting for an all-round good experience in gaming, with their sleek and stylish design, gaming headsets are enticing for everyone who wants to enjoy the best possible experience in gaming. Onikuma's gaming headsets are made with one main goal in mind: to provide a good experience in gaming, with their new k1 camo style, you'll be able to enjoy an amazing design and practical overall experience in gaming. Is a new gaming headset that presents gotten us many congratulations we recommend that you always have with you to enjoy gaming would be a first rate asset to your equipment, our headphones offer you a wide range of sounds and colors to give you an equal playing field when gaming. Is a japanese gaming company that produces high-quality gaming headsets and earbuds, the are first-rate for gaming on the go or in-person. The k9 pink gaming headset is a close second to the k9 blue, it imparts a pink logo with green sapphire blue and yellow ear cups. The ear cups are comfortable to wear and the headset can be used with or without sound, the k9 pink offers a green logo with yellow ear cups and green sapphire blue and yellow band around the audio jack. The k9 blue provides a green logo with green sapphire blue and yellow ear cups and blue band around the audio jack, is a valuable set for gaming and music lovers. With an all-black design, this headset is valuable for a person searching for a gaming set and an all-black design is top-rated for someone digging for a music set, the ear cups are perforated into green and black ear cups with green and black ear wires. The headset presents a pink cat ear logo and grants ear cups and ear wires made of perforated green and black, the headset is ready to operate with a press of a button.