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Jabra Talk 2 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra storm is an exceptional earbud for 2-time winner of the prestigious Jabra storm award, it features our company's trademarked sound quality and quality of life. The free Talk time on these earphones is 10 hours.

Jabra Talk 2 Bluetooth Headset With Hd Voice Technology

The Jabra storm Bluetooth universal wireless earpiece headset is fantastic for single use during an intense meeting, long trip or long flight, the sleek and stylish design with its hd voice technology will make your life easier. The headset gives an 9 hour Talk time and is fully banded for comfort, the Jabra Talk 2 Bluetooth headset is a first-class device for lovers wanting for music streaming. It provides a good range and can almond with up to lay on the head, the sound is good, and it provides an effortless to handle interface. The only downside is that it doesn't have a microphone, this Jabra Talk 2 Bluetooth headset is a first-class way for individuals searching for a high-quality pair of sunglasses or a headset features a large, comfortable design with a backlight, so you can keep your eyes dry and focus. The talkback rate is additionally very high, making it uncomplicated to get through busy areas, this Jabra Talk 2 Bluetooth headset is an exceptional addition to your wardrobe. The headset presents an universal design, meaning that it can be worn for hours on end without taking up any space in your headphones, the headset gives a new, more efficient technology which enhances sound quality and gives you more audio clarity. The headset also offers a red light to visually check alert status.