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Blue Parrot Headset

The vxi Blue Parrot b350-xt is a high-quality bluetooth headphones that provide top grade sound quality and will stay up to the task.

Blue Parrot Bluetooth Headset

The Blue Parrot bluetooth noise cancelling headset is sensational for walmart workers who wish to avoid saying aloud, the earphone features a Blue and black color scheme and is produced of durable plastic. The bluetooth system can handle up to 4 bluetooth audio devices simultaneously, the Blue Parrot is again splendid for workers who crave to hear music or voice chat without having to listen to a mix on the go. The Parrot headset is a top-notch tool for drivers of trucking, shipping, or any other outdoor activity where noise levels can be high, the headset can easily hear anyone talking and hear sound effects clearly. Plus, noise-cancellation can help keep the sound system within reason, the Parrot Blue b350-xt bluetooth wireless trucker headset is an enticing pair of ears for when you need to hear what's going on out there. With its heart-pod style case and built-in bluetooth, this headphones are designed to keep you connected and connected to your phone, whether you're driving or on a walk, these headphones will keep you connected and on the go. The rider wireless mic is a valuable surrogate to cancel out noisy times on the road, this Blue parrot-style headset with bluetooth technology will connect to your phone and send you messages and files without having to have a phone with you.