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Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset: Aw988

If you're searching for a Gaming headset that will continue to deliverstate-of-the-art audio and Gaming performance, then you need to assess the Alienware Wireless Gaming headset, this product imparts all the features you need to make your Gaming best it can be, and it comes with an 7. 1 surround sound so you can have the stof experience when playing your favorite games.

No Wireless Adapter, No Cords

GENUINE Alienware Wireless / Wired

By Alienware Dell


Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset Aw988

The Alienware Aw988 is a Wireless Gaming headset that features an a12 processor, a r9 nano card, and a wealth of built-in features, it allows for a lot of customization and effortless access to your rgb settings, as well as game settings. The Aw988 also comes with a built-in card for speed and compatibility with many air's app, the Alienware Aw988 Wireless Gaming headset is top-notch for individuals who yearn for the best sound quality and performance when biz games. With an easy-to-use menu system, blackcase-alienware Aw988 Wireless gamingheadset is sure to help you get the most out of your games, the Alienware Aw988 Wireless Gaming headset is a top-of-the-line solution for folks who desire the best audio quality and convenience when playing games. This headphones are made with top-of-the-line cabling and are designed to let you play games without audio, the Alienware Aw988 black over the ear Gaming headset extends you choose from a number of colors and styles. You can choose to have the head set connect wirelessly or have it connected to a cord, the head set presents all you need to get up and running with an Alienware Gaming experience.