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A40 Headset

The astro a40 tr wired gaming headset is perfect for those who want the best gaming experience possible. With its great sound and comfortable fit, this headset is perfect for on-the-go gamers or for gamers who want to enjoy their gaming experience uninterrupted.

Astro A40 Headset

The astro a40 is a great set of headphones for people who want to enjoy quality music and video games without having to move around a lot of gear. It comes with two 3, 0 set of ear cups, which will fit most people’s ears comfortably. Additionally, the astro a40’s ear cups have been designed to reduce fatigue and ensure good sleep, giving you perfect sound and video quality while playing games, streaming music, or working on the computer.

A40 Tr Headset

The new a40 tr headset line from astro gaming is designed for gamers who want the best gameplay experience possible. With its built-in camera and head-up display, this headset makes it easy to keep track of your game and track down if you need to-go. The headset also features a comfortable fit and a sleek design that will make you feel confident in your environment. the astro a40 tr gaming headset is the perfect way to enjoy call of duty: league edition on your computer or console. With its quirky design and clear sound, the astro a40 tr is the perfect headset for outdoorsman looking to use his or her console game signals. the astro tr headset will be perfect for those looking for a high-end gaming headset that is still easy to take on the go. It features a real estate-based headband and ear cups that offer good fit and feel, without sacrificing sound quality. The tr headset is also driver-based, meaning that it will allow you to hear your game even in noisy environments. the astro a40 tr wired gaming headset is perfect for gamers looking for an affordable and performance-driven set of headphones. Featuring a mix of advanced audio woods and plastic, this set gives gamers on-the-go the ability to use their headphones in conditions of needing privacy. Other features include an noise cancelling microphone, a 3-year warranty, and a weighty feel when carried.